summer dream kim juna

  • No : 398 | Category : Song
  • Region : Bengaluru
  • Name : Pooja Sinha
  • Cover Song : summer dream(kim juna)
  • Upload Date : 2017-05-31
  • Likes : 5
  • Hits : 245

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  • 2017-05-31

    Okay, so I was able to post my entry finally after 10+ attempts but unfortunately I typed in the limk of the video that i had deleted. But now even after multiple attempts and trying to upload my entry using more than 7 email ID's it's has become reallly bothersome as every time i try to upload it says that i've already made an entry with that email id but I just made a new account with it!! this is becoming really bothersome and i don't want to lose out on the opportunity so here's the link until the time i'm able to overcome the glitch and upload please do accept the link. (Been trying to upload for 2.5 hours now)

  • 2017-05-31

    Wrong link!